How Flookup Works

Flookup is a lightweight data cleaning add-on for Google Sheets. It uses fuzzy matching to process data in the following ways, regardless of spelling differences, partial matches or any other text based differences in your data:

    • Highlight and remove duplicates.

    • Fuzzy lookup or fuzzy match data a.k.a record linkage.

    • Extract unique values from fuzzy duplicates.

    • Analyse percentage similarities between text entries.

    • Remove unwanted words, diacritics and punctuation marks.

Flookup will not only lead to improved efficiency, increased productivity and reduced error rates in your data cleaning process, but it will also lead to significant revenue savings for your organisation.

How to Start Your Free Trial

    1. Open the secure form located in your spreadsheet menu at Extensions > Flookup > Manage subscription > Start free trial.

    2. Enter your "Subscriber Email Address" and click "Submit" and wait for the message confirming your registration.

    3. Click the "Update status" button on that same window. This will fetch your updated subscription status.

    4. Read our "Getting Started Guide" to help you set up correctly and quickly. You can view it by clicking here.

    • No credit card required for your free trial.

    • Each free trial lasts for five days but you can switch to a paid subscription at any time.

    • If your subscription is still inactive after following the steps above, please click here.

Why Choose Flookup?

    • It is safe. Any operation that is completed by Flookup can be easily undone by clicking the "Undo" button or by recovering the spreadsheet through the File > Version history feature in the Google Sheets menu.

    • It is privacy focused. Flookup does not expose, store or share any of the spreadsheet data it processes, meaning that your data remains secure and for your eyes only.

    • It is reliable. Flookup is powered by battle-tested algorithms that are built on the experience of processing millions of rows and columns of dirty data.

    • It is easy to master. Flookup functions are familiar, intuitive and easy-to-use, meaning that you can become proficient at using it almost immediately.

    • It is fast and efficient. Flookup runs on one of the fastest fuzzy matching algorithms online and all its functions are optimised to complete their respective tasks in the shortest times possible.

    • It speaks your language. Flookup is not limited to processing text entries in English; you can use it to process text entries in most international languages.

    • It is platform-independent. By reason of being a Google Sheets add-on, Flookup fully supports all major Operating Systems like Windows, macOS and Linux.

    • It is always up-to-date. Flookup is constantly being improved in keeping with the latest developments in the industry and you get lifetime upgrades for free. You can view our latest changelog by clicking here.

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