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Annual premium plan
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Getting Started With Flookup

After deciding which Premium Plan you would like to subscribe to:

    1. Activate a Premium Plan by submitting your email through the secure form located in your spreadsheet menu at Add-ons > Flookup > Manage subscription > Premium plan.
    2. Update your subscription status by clicking "Refresh" via Add-ons > Flookup > About Flookup.
    3. Visit the Documentation and Tutorial to learn how to use Flookup.

Troubleshooting Your Subscription

Head to Add-ons > Flookup > About Flookup in the spreadsheet menu, review your subscription status and check for the following:

    • Ensure that you entered the email address correctly; email addresses are case sensitive e.g. is different from
    • If the message says "Please purchase a Team License", then you are more than 2 collaborators sharing the same spreadsheet. You can fix this by purchasing an Enterprise Plan.
    • If the message says "Your subscription is inactive", then you are either using the wrong subscriber account or your subscription has expired. Log into the right account or renew your subscription.
    • If you are logged into 2 different accounts, Flookup might fail to authenticate correctly. Please ensure that your "Subscriber email" account is the default account or, even better, sign out of one the accounts.
    • Log into the right account (best in incognito mode), uninstall and reinstall Flookup. You do not need to resubscribe afterwards.

Don't forget to hit the "Refresh" button after trying each of these steps.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

If You Have a PayPal Account

    1. Head to Add-ons > Flookup > Manage subscription > Premium plan.
    2. Click "Unsubscribe" in the resulting window.
    3. Follow the next steps.

If You Do Not Have a PayPal Account

    1. Head to our Support page.
    2. Under Subject, select "Unsubscribe".
    3. Under Message, type or paste your Profile ID.
      • You can get this from the email PayPal sent when you subscribed. Do not type anything else.
    4. Click the "Submit" button.


All payments are securely processed through PayPal. The details of any payment we receive e.g. the payment amount, the subscriber email address and name you registered with PayPal, are kept private, confidential and secure. We cannot and do not see your credit card information or any other sensitive financial data.

For additional information about our Privacy Policy, please click here.