FAQs About Your Subscription

Can I switch my plan

Yes. You can freely switch between plans at any time from the Customer Portal but only get charged based on what you have used after proration.

Will I be automatically charged?

Yes. When you subscribe, your account will be automatically charged at the end of every billing period, but only after your free trial has ended.

Please note that you can cancel your plan at any time prevent any charges from being made.

Can I transfer my license?

Your license is activated by using your "Subscription License" under a single Google account. If you have a reason to switch from the account you originally activated, please contact us.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by heading to your spreadsheet menu at Extensions > Flookup Data Wrangler > Manage subscription > Cancel subscription and click "Cancel".

If it displays an error message instead or a success message, please contact us immediately.

What does my subscription status mean?

How much data can I process with Flookup?

The amount of data processed for each function execution will be affected by the nature of your data and our timeout policy. In general, very large datasets will necessitate running specific functions more than once.

Spreadsheet functions will timeout after a maximum of 30 seconds, while menu functions will timeout after 360 seconds but there is no limit on the number of rows you are allowed to clean overall.

What permissions does Flookup request?

How secure Is my spreadsheet data?

We take the security of your data seriously and spare no effort to ensure that you enjoy the highest levels of privacy online.

We also successfully completed Google's mandatory verification process to ensure that your data is handled responsibly.

Flookup neither shares spreadsheet data with third parties nor does it store the spreadsheet data it processes. Any data shared for support is immediately deleted after the issue has been resolved.

Flookup developers do not view spreadsheet data and it is our policy not to track users or usage patterns outside of function execution metrics provided by Google.

Got more questions? Click here to contact us via our dedicated support page.