Lookup, Compare & Merge

A Brief Look at Your Data Quality Problem

If you merge, migrate, export or import data, then you have undoubtedly faced data quality issues in your work. Data quality issues (like duplicates, typos and spelling variations, etc.) can lower productivity, increase budget costs, lower customer satisfaction and reduce efficiency. Moreover, if left undealt with, each record of bad data stored will cost your business $100. [Source]

By adding Flookup to your software stack, issues like these can be avoided or resolved. Flookup will help you increase efficiency, reduce your error rate and, therefore, save money.

Fixing Square Pegs Into Round Holes...

Flookup is a suite of functions for data cleaning inside Google Sheets by using advanced fuzzy matching techniques (also called approximate string matching). This allows Flookup to do the following, regardless of differences in spelling or the presence of partial matches in your data:

    • Remove duplicates.

    • Highlight duplicates.

    • Match or merge data.

    • Calculate the percentage similarity between strings.

    • Find the sum or average of numbers based on corresponding matches.

Flookup functions are not affected by the sort order of columns or rows, punctuation marks or the case of the text, thereby saving you from the time and hard work it takes to clean and prepare your data for analysis.

By adding Flookup to your software stack, most data quality can be avoided or resolved. Flookup will help you save time, increase efficiency and reduce your error rate.


Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Flookup

Flookup introduces a powerful, no-frills approach to managing data quality in Google Sheets. Here are ten reasons why you should add Flookup to your toolkit today:

    1. It offers value. Using Flookup will lead to tremendous savings for you and your organisation, at very competitive rates.

    2. It is simple. Flookup has familiar, intuitive and easy-to-use functions, making it easy to learn and master.

    3. It is secure. Flookup does not expose, store or share any of the spreadsheet data it processes, meaning that your data remains private and for your eyes only. [Proof]

    4. It is fast. Flookup runs on one of the fastest fuzzy matching algorithms in the world and all its functions are optimised to complete tasks in the shortest time possible.

    5. It is reliable. Flookup is powered by a battle-tested algorithm with millions of rows and columns of data under its belt.

    6. It is flexible. You can search any column with FLOOKUP and search any row with HFLOOKUP, not just the leftmost column or topmost row.

    7. It is dynamic. If the first match does not suit your needs, you can instruct Flookup to return the next best match until all possible matches have been exhausted.

    8. It has range. You can combine any number of strings as the lookupValue, giving you options to increase the specificity of your query.

    9. It speaks your language. Flookup is not limited to English; it can process text in most international languages.

    10. It is on the G Suite platform. Working out of the G Suite platform is full of benefits for individuals and organisations alike. Using Flookup taps directly into those benefits.

These are just a few of the reasons that make Flookup a great data cleaning solution for you and your business. Every aspect is designed to bring speed, reliability and consistency to your data quality management system.