Fuzzy Match, Highlight and Dedupe

Flookup in Brief

Flookup is an add-on that uses fuzzy matching to power data cleaning in Google Sheets. This unique approach to data cleaning allows you to do the following tasks regardless of spelling differences, partial matches or text errors in your data:

    • Remove duplicates.

    • Highlight duplicates.

    • Lookup or merge fuzzy data (record linkage).

    • Extract unique values from fuzzy duplicates.

    • Calculate percentage similarities between text entries.

    • Remove stop words, punctuation marks and diacritical marks.

Flookup functions are not affected by the sort order of the data or the case of the text therein. Flookup will not only help you improve efficiency, reduce your error rate and increase productivity, but it will also help you save revenue.

Did You Know?

The 1-10-100 principle states that it will cost you $1 to verify the quality of your database, $10 to clean each item in it and $100 to store each item that is not cleaned. [Source]

Six Reasons Why You Will Love Flookup

Flookup is a powerful, no-frills approach to data cleaning in Google Sheets. Here are six reasons why you will love Flookup and why you should add it to your toolkit today:

  • It is easy to master. Flookup has familiar, intuitive and easy-to-use functions, making it easy to learn and master.

  • It is privacy a focused. Flookup does not expose, store or share any of the spreadsheet data it processes, meaning that your data remains private and for your eyes only. [Learn more]

  • It is very fast. Flookup runs on one of the fastest fuzzy string matching algorithms online and all its functions are optimised to complete tasks in the shortest time possible.

  • It is very reliable. Flookup is powered by a battle-tested algorithm with millions of rows and columns of data under its belt.

  • It is platform-independent. Because it is a Google Sheets add-on, Flookup fully supports all major Operating Systems like Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • It speaks your language. Flookup is not limited to English; it can process text in most international languages.

These are just a few of the reasons that make Flookup a great data cleaning solution for you and your business. Every aspect is designed to bring speed, reliability and consistency to your data cleaning process.

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