Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flookup transmit spreadsheet data to any third party?

  • No, Flookup does not transmit spreadsheet data to anyone.

Does Flookup store the spreadsheet data it processes?

  • No, Flookup does not store any spreadsheet data it processes; we do not have any need to do so.

Do Flookup developers view user data?

  • No, it is our policy not track users or usage patterns outside the script execution data (successes and failures) that Google provides by default.

I subscribed but I still don't have the Premium Plan features

  • Give it a few minutes. When you subscribe, premium features are unlocked immediately. However, in some rare cases. there might be a delay because of server synchronisation but this does not take more than 20 minutes maximum.
  • Review your subscription status. You can find out more by clicking here.
  • Make that sure you entered the correct email address under Subscriber Email.

Is Flookup available as an API?

  • No, not yet.

Is Flookup free?

  • Yes, Flookup has a free option which is available without subscription.

Common Spreadsheet Errors

Internal error executing the custom function.

  • This error means that the function timed out because Google gives custom functions 30 seconds of execution. Reducing the table sizes usually resolves the issue.

Service invoked too many times in a short time: exec qps. Try Utilities.sleep(1000) between calls.

  • Try entering a range as the parameter, instead of a single cell, if the function allows it. Please visit the tutorial to find out how.


  • This error is usually triggered when an update is rolling out (assuming you have typed the correct function name). Try reinstalling Flookup, reloading the spreadsheet or running any of the Flookup functions in the add-on menu.


  • This is due to the limits Google sets for custom functions. Try reloading the spreadsheet or reducing the number of cells that are concurrently performing calculations.


  • You reached the maximum number of rows that the free version of Flookup can process at a time.