What Do the Flookup Error Messages Mean?

These are the errors you might encounter while using Flookup. None of them are severe and they will, therefore, not cause any loss of data.

    • !NullValue: You normalised a list and your function parameters caused the content of this cell to be deleted.

    • !NoResultFound: No results were found to match the criteria you entered.

    • !RankError: You entered an invalid rank i.e. a value that is less than zero.

    • !ThresholdError: You entered a threshold value that is less than zero or greater than one.

    • !IndexError: You entered invalid values for the column to lookup or the column from which values are to be returned.

    • !InvalidOperation: The current function is not available for the subscription plan you are currently on.

    • !SubscriptionInactive: Your trial period has ended, your paid subscription has expired or you are using a new account and have not yet subscribed.

Please note that these error messages are specific to Flookup and separate from the default Google Sheets error messages.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Subscription?

In the event that your subscription is not active, simply try any, if not all, of the following troubleshooting steps:

    • Remove your spreadsheet from any shared folder in which it might be located.

    • Make sure that you are the creator of the spreadsheet you are using. If this is not the case, simply reinstall Flookup in a spreadsheet you created with your "Subscriber Email Address".

    • If you are logged into two different accounts at the same time, Flookup might fail to authenticate correctly. Please ensure that the account you used to create the spreadsheet is the default account or, if possible, sign out of the secondary account.

    • Reinstall Flookup via the spreadsheet menu item located at Extensions > Get add-ons instead of installing it from the Workspace Marketplace.

Do not forget to click the "Update status" button, located at Extensions > Flookup > About Flookup, after trying any of these steps.