Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flookup transmit spreadsheet data to any third party?

  • No, Flookup does not transmit spreadsheet data any third party.

Does Flookup store the spreadsheet data it processes?

  • No, Flookup does not store any spreadsheet data it processes; we do not have any need to do so.

Do Flookup developers view user data?

  • No, as a policy we do not track users or usage habits outside the script execution data (successes and failures) that Google provides by default.

I keep getting "Error: Internal error executing the custom function." when executing functions

  • This error means that the function timed out. Google gives custom functions 30 seconds before which a call must return results. Reducing the table sizes usually resolves the issue.

A function throws this error: "Service invoked too many times in a short time: exec qps. Try Utilities.sleep(1000) between calls."

  • Try selecting a range as the parameter rather than a single cell if the function allows it. Please visit the tutorial to find out how.

Flookup is suddenly throwing this error: "#NAME"

  • This error is usually triggered when an update is rolling out. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling Flookup.

Flookup is stuck showing "Loading...", what should I do?

  • This is due to the limits Google sets for custom functions. Try reloading the spreadsheet or reducing the number of cells that are concurrently performing calculations.

Is Flookup available as an API?

  • No, not yet.

Is Flookup free?

  • Yes, and it will remain free forever.